A message from the Dean

Why should anyone who is not a scientist or a clinician care about the biological sciences? I would argue that there is nothing more important than the study of life. Hence, it is essential that all of us understand as much as we can about life and the living world, not only so we can be better informed about our own medical care, but to also ensure that our children, grandchildren and generations beyond inherit a better world.

As dean, my mandate is to convey the nature of our School’s research to the greater community. Our investigations are broad, from examining particular molecules to studying entire ecosystems. However, in working with tens of thousands of people through my own research program on Alzheimer’s disease, I’ve seen the impact of what we do, one person at a time. Witnessing the anguish and fear this disease causes has made me even more passionate about biology’s essential role in shaping a better future for humanity and the planet.

The globe’s first academic department devoted to studying the brain was established here at the School of Biological Sciences. It is very fitting that our School’s theme is MIND|BODY|WORLD, because life is interconnected. For most of us, a healthy mind requires a healthy body, which depends upon a healthy world. From eradicating the most menacing diseases to tackling severe threats to the environment, we are working in the areas of greatest urgency. Please join us by learning more about the School, our research and how we are training the next generation of biologists.

With warm regards,
Frank M. LaFerla, PhD

  UCI School of Biological Sciences

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