BioSci Teaching Workshop

You are invited to attend a 2-hour workshop on, “writing effective student learning objectives that are aligned to your course assessments”. This workshop is the result of our discussion at department faculty meetings last winter and spring when many faculty expressed interest in learning more about this topic! It will provide you with an introduction to student learning objectives and their benefits to both instructors and students, examples of effective student learning objectives written for courses in the biological sciences, and hands-on experience writing your own objectives for one of your courses with the opportunity to receive immediate feedback.
Well-defined student learning objectives are useful to both instructors and students. They benefit instructors by helping them strategically select course content that will emphasize the most important topics and skills they want students to gain from their course. They benefit students by clearly communicating instructor expectations. Ultimately, they increase the likelihood that students will focus their studying on the same content and skills that the instructor has deemed to be of highest value in the course. Examples of student learning objectives that are aligned to course assessment may be used as additional evidence of teaching effectiveness in your promotion and review packet. The workshop will be primarily geared toward faculty, but postdoctoral researchers and graduate students are welcome to join! This workshop is one component of a series of programs being implemented by UCI Biological Sciences to enhance teaching effectiveness at our university. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.