Considering a career in dentistry? Meet with Dr. Joyce Fan Inouye and Dr. David Perez to learn more about the career, the field and the paths that led to them becoming dentists.
Academia and Getting a PhD(Required)
Meet with Dr. Annie Phung, Dr. Seeta Rajpara, Dr. Chris Wilson and Samantha Reyes to learn how to navigate through academia and how to best earn a PhD. Each are experts within the field of academia and want to help you in your journey!
Career Paths with Biology(Required)
A degree in Biological Sciences offers many opportunities in different fields. With our panel of mentors from different careers, you can ask questions to determine the best path for you or learn more about career options available to you! Our mentors for this office hour are Angeli Bernardo (Senior Biostatistician at AutoFocus), Diana Dizon (Co-found & President of Bionerds), Dr. Gary Flashner (Retired Physician), Eric Mangahis (Environmental Health Office for the US Public Health Services), and Asad Zaidi (CEO of Epinex Diagnostics).
Entering the Medical Field(Required)
Entering the medical field is a fruitful and popular career choice for those with degrees in biology. To learn more about the path and ask questions about a career in medicine, please join Dr. Bryan Imayanaghita (Attending Physician Internal Medicine Hospitalist) and Dr. Arielle Czerwinski (Pediatric Hospitalist) on Tuesday. On Thursday, join David Abiva (Physician Assistant) and Dr. Tan Nguyen (Physician, UCI Family Medicine).
Corporate Careers with Biology(Required)
Curious about the world outside of academia and medicine? Our mentors can help answer some of your pressing questions such as how to enter the private sector, what to expect, what skills are needed, and so much more. The mentors for this office hour are Caleb Bhatnagar (medical student who worked as a management consultant at the Big Four), Stephen Bumb (Principal at AR-TIC-U-LATE Health Tech), and John Pitkin (Chief Scientific Officer at Kind Bio LLC)