A Premier Institution of Biological Education and Innovation

The UCI School of Biological Sciences was established in 1965, and has since become one of the nation’s leading public research universities. Home to the world’s first department dedicated to the brain, the School has cultivated a culture of innovation since its founding. Our faculty’s research drive breakthroughs in biology, and their dedication to teaching has helped transform STEM education.
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We know life is Interconnected

For most of us, a healthy mind requires a healthy body, which in turn requires a healthy world. Our four academic departments conduct research on all aspects of life, from the smallest molecules to entire ecosystems. It is very fitting that the School’s theme of MIND|BODY|WORLD also reflects the interconnectedness of the BioSci faculty and academic departments.

We know that yesterday’s research won’t solve today’s health and environmental challenges. Dean Frank M. LaFerla, PhD

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Mentoring Tomorrow’s Biologists

Many of science’s most exciting and relevant advances are taking place in the field of biology—And with good reason.

Biological solutions are needed to overcome life’s greatest challenges. To help students prepare for successful futures in such a demanding world, the School of Biological Sciences brings together world renowned faculty and researchers to train the next generation of Biologists.

    • 65% Female Total Undergraduates

      We empower female students to achieve their goals. The UCI School of Biological Sciences undergraduate study body consist of 65% female students for the 2017-2018 academic year.

    • Minority Science Programs

      The Minority Science Programs (MSP) initiative was founded in 2000, with support from the National Institute of Health to increase minority participation at the undergraduate and graduate level.

    • Achievement Rewards for College Scientists

      The Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation Award (ARCS) provides financial assistant for students in the STEM fields.

We Strive to Make A Difference

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I invite you to learn more about the impact of our research on the world and how we are training the next generation of biologists. I hope you are as proud of the achievements of our faculty and students as I am, and with your help and support, we can ensure their success for years to come.–Dean Frank M. LaFerla, PhD